Find here a selection of the recipes in the Winter issue of Selector.

Enjoy Matthew Kemp's delicious Aussie version of a risotto with his smoked salmon Kedgeree.
Stefano’s roast spatchcock with bread and truffle stuffing
Chef Stefano Manfredi shows us how to use truffles in this great spatchcock recipe.
Steak and kidney pie
Create a warming winter dish that takes comfort food to new heights of contentment.
Paella1 sp11 thumb
Paella a la Maestre
From cleaning dishes in Scotland to the kitchens of El Bulli, Spanish-born chef Miguel Maestre has enjoyed one amazing culinary journey.
Win13- ZumboChoux-thumb.jpg
Zumbo’s Choux pastry
Zumbo’s new love Choux pastry. Check out these delicious Salty Chocolate Buns.
Not-so-naughty chocolate cake
A low-fat, low Gi, high protein, low sugar chocolate cake. Micheal Moore shows you how with this beautiful Not-so-naughty chocolate cake.
Upside Down Tarte Tartin
Upside down tarte tartin
Lorraine Godsmark uses seasonal fruits to create an dessert that is sure to become a regular at your house this winter. Her upside down tarte tartin will have everyone at your table asking for more!
Slow Roasted Lamb
Slow Roasted lamb saddle with sage
Here we have another French Inspired classic Manu Feildel: Slow Roasted lamb saddle with sage + petit pois al la francaise
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Stuffed cabbage rolls
Another hearty, “At Home” crowd-pleaser from Peter Howard guaranteed to keep
Chilli Salt Squid
Chilli-salt squid
Peter Howard shares with us another classic favourite from our “at home” recipe section. This simple, and time friendly, Chilli-salt squid is sure warm at winter.