Find here a selection of the recipes in the Winter issue of Selector.

Manu Feildel’s pork cutlet with warm fennel & red capsicum jam
Manu Feildel delights pork lovers with this delicious French-inspired dish.
Lyndey Milan’s Chocolate croissant bread & butter puddings
Lyndey Milan gets inventive with chocolate croissants to make up the ideal comfort food - individual bread and butter puddings.
Double baked Excellence 70% Cocoa soufflé
Lindt Master Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler puts the Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa to amazing use with this rich and decadent dessert.
Braised oxtail with Italian flavours
Lyndey Milan takes one of her mother’s favourite recipes, braised oxtail, and teaches it to speak Italian with olives, balsamic vinegar and risoni.
Meatloaf with tomato sauce
Dig into Lyndey Milan’s meatloaf. Succulent and tasty, it is draped with tomatoes and has a delightful Italian twist with the use salami and Italian sausages.
Roasted pumpkin and chilli soup with cheese crostini
A good soup is the ultimate comfort foods on chilly winter night. WIth a divine roast vege flavour and a chilli kick, Lyndey Milan's roasted pumpkin and chilli soup with cheese crostini really hits the spot.
Enjoy Matthew Kemp's delicious Aussie version of a risotto with his smoked salmon Kedgeree.
Stefano’s roast spatchcock with bread and truffle stuffing
Chef Stefano Manfredi shows us how to use truffles in this great spatchcock recipe.
Steak and kidney pie
Create a warming winter dish that takes comfort food to new heights of contentment.
Paella1 sp11 thumb
Paella a la Maestre
From cleaning dishes in Scotland to the kitchens of El Bulli, Spanish-born chef Miguel Maestre has enjoyed one amazing culinary journey.